- We only carry the smaller breeds of puppies.

- All of our puppies are obtained from local breeders.  Normally this is a family that happens to have a breeding pair of dogs.

- We like to purchase the entire litter and house them together with their littermates.  We feel that socialization is important and at this age there is less stress on the puppies as a group while they get used to life without mamma.

- All puppies are given a complete physical by a licensed veterinarian, and must be in perfect health prior to coming into the store.

- By the time our puppies are ready to sell they have had several wormings, lab tests the first and sometimes the second puppy shots.

Currently Available Puppies and kittens:

 LAST UPDATED: 11/27/15

Boston Poodle mix born 10/7/15

Boston Pub mixed born 9/9/15 SOLD

English Pointer born 8/18/15 SOLD

Chihuahua born 7/7/15 SOLD

Schnoodle Born 5/22/15 SOLD

Shi-Poo Born 6/12/15 SOLD

Pomeranian born 5/28/15 SOLD

SHI-CHI born 4/25/15 SOLD

Toy Poodle born  4/22/15 SOLD

Chihuahua born 3/25/15 SOLD

Maltese born 3/16/15 SOLD

Bichon born 3/8/15 SOLD

Collie born 3/1/15 SOLD

Boston Poodle mix born 2/4/15 SOLD

Boxer born 2/1/15 SOLD

Bichon Frise born 1/11/15 SOLD

Beagle born 1/2/15 SOLD

Havanese born 12/15/14 SOLD

Pomeranian born 12/1/14 SOLD

Chihuahua born 10/14/14 SOLD

Toy Poodle born 10/18/14 SOLD

Dachshund born 9/23/14 SOLD

Bichon Frise born 9/23/14 SOLD

Beagle born 8/18/14 SOLD

Basset Hound born 8/3/14 SOLD

Boston Terrier born 7/16/14 SOLD

Labradoodle born 6/25/14 SOLD

Boston Terrier born 5/31/14 SOLD

Pomeranian born 5/15/14 SOLD

Chihuahua born 5/13/14 SOLD

Toy Poodle born 4/30/14 SOLD

Morkie born 4/2/14 SOLD


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