We do saltwater in a big way with a new order arriving every Wednesday.  The species of fish we carry are driven by 30 years experience and we do our best to carry fish that are proven to thrive in captivity.  Five aquariums are dedicated to coral frags and another nine tanks dedicated to wild or cultured corals.
All Marine fish and corals are 20% off on Mondays!
Our freshwater fish are divided into 3 main sections and we get a new shipment every Tuesday.
Goldfish:  From big fat Orandas and Lionheads to fantails, shubunkin and comets we have 36 tanks dedicated to the cold water fish.
Tropical community:  65 aquariums are dedicated to the peaceful community fish and invertebrates.  Just to name a few of the offerings are tetras, barbs, rainbow fish, loaches, sharks, rasboras, discus, angelfish, shrimp and live plants.
Cichlids:  55 aquariums dedicated to the more colorful and aggressive fish.  The majority of the tanks are dedicated to African cichlids but we keep all the popular South American cichlids in stock as well.