Meet the Team


Bruce is the CEO and head hauncho of Sandy’s. He was one of the first people able to successfully keep Acropora in a reef tank back in the ’90s. Bruce was the first person to start selling RODI water in the United States. He is also a US Air Force Veteran. Though you may not see him on the floor these days, Bruce is our fearless leader.


Nick is our general manager and knower of all things. He has been working at Sandy’s for the last 12 years as one of our Fish Geeks, but Nick knows the ins and outs of the whole store. Nick has two dogs at home as well as two fish tanks. He is also an avid Jeopardy watcher and baker.


Zach has been at Sandy’s for 8 years as our fish manager. He is particularly passionate about reef tanks so you will likely see him fragging coral in our saltwater section. Zach has his own 180 gallon reef tank at home, as well as 2 dogs named Marley and Lacey.  In his free time, Zach enjoys playing his guitar.


Tori is our front manager and small animal expert. She has been working at Sandy’s for 3 years. Tori has 4 dogs and 4 ferrets. She is passionate about her stanced car and makeup. 


Elijah has been at Sandy’s for 6 years as a Fish Geek and our fish Assistant Manager. He has two cats, a 60 gallon tank, and 29 gallon cichlid tank. Elijah loves country music and has an extensive vinyl collection.


Calen is our front Assistant Manager and has been working at Sandy’s for 3 years. He has a betta fish tank with community fish. He is also our resident computer whiz.


Orville has been working at Sandy’s for 15 years as one of our Fish Geeks. Though he does not have tanks of his own any longer, he has a cat named Karina. Orville plays the ukulele and the banjo and has an enormous vinyl collection.


Chris has been at Sandy’s for 6 years as one of our Fish Geeks. He has 2 dogs, Phoebe and Suzy, 3 cats, axolotls, and over 10 fish tanks. Chris is our cichlid expert and freshwater aficionado. He is the Vice President of the Louisville Fish Club.


Nick has been a Fish Geek at Sandy’s on and off for 9 years. Nick is also our resident reptile guy. He has two cats, 6 snakes, a 60 gallon planted tank, and a 90 gallon reef tank. Nick’s favorite fish is the Sohal tang. 


Amelia has been with Sandy’s for 2 years as one of our Fish Geeks. She has an axolotl, 4 freshwater tanks, 2 hognose snakes, a corn snake, and a cat named Meatball. Amelia is an educator with the Kentucky Herpetological Society. Her favorite fish is the Penang betta.


Mel has been at Sandy’s for a year and a half as one of our front people and resident bird person. She has two parakeets, a cat, a planted tank, and a cockatiel named Hendrix. 


Jewel has been working at Sandy’s for a year. She has two axolotls, a toad named Plague, 8 chickens, a 20 gallon planted pea puffer tank, 2 cats, a dog, and a bunny named Dr. Pepper. Jewel works up front and is particularly passionate about killer whales, geese, moose, and sloths. Her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper and she is a Leo. 


Tiffany has been working at Sandy’s for nearly a year. She has 3 dogs, a cat, a 10 gallon tank, and a leopard gecko named Mango. Tiffany floats between being a front person and a Fish Geek. She is particularly passionate about invertebrates, including snails and hermit crabs.